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1. Record Number: 13837
Author(s): Karras, Ruth Mazo.
Title : Two Models, Two Standards: Moral Teaching and Sexual Mores [The author examines lay beliefs about sexual behavior in contrast to Church teaching. As evidence Karras analyzes the devotional text, "Dives and Pauper," and ecclesiastical court records. She finds instances of a double standard with women expected to be chaste while men had sex outside of marriage with the fault frequently lodged against the women who had "tempted" the men into sin. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Bodies and Disciplines: Intersections of Literature and History in Fifteenth-Century England.   Edited by Barbara A. Hanawalt and David Wallace .   Medieval Cultures series, 9. University of Minnesota Press, 1996.  Pages 123 - 138.
Year of Publication: 1996.