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1. Record Number: 38893
Author(s): Nelson, Jinty
Title : Carolingian Doubt?
Source: Studies in Church History , 52., ( 2016):  Pages 65 - 86.
Year of Publication: 2016.

2. Record Number: 5782
Author(s): Innes, Matthew.
Title : Keeping It in the Family: Women and Aristocratic Memory, 700- 1200
Source: Medieval Memories: Men, Women, and the Past, 700-1300.   Edited by Elisabeth van Houts .   Women and Men in History Series. Longman, 2001. Studies in Church History , 52., ( 2016):  Pages 17 - 35.
Year of Publication: 2001.

3. Record Number: 8844
Author(s): Stafford, Pauline.
Title : Review Article: Parents and Children in the Early Middle Ages [The author considers recent scholarship on parenting and children while discussing the books by Katrien Heene ("The Legacy of Paradise: Marriage, Motherhood, and Women in Carolingian Edifying Literature"), Sally Crawford ("Children in Anglo-Saxon England"), and the translation of Dhuoda's "Handbook" by Marcelle Thiébaux ("Handboook for her Warrior Son"). Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Early Medieval Europe , 10., 2 ( 2001):  Pages 257 - 271.
Year of Publication: 2001.

4. Record Number: 3570
Title : The Many Faces in Dhuoda's Mirror: The "Liber Manualis" and a Century of Scholarship [explores the wide range of scholarly opinion in the last century concerning Dhuoda's writing skills, knowledge of politics, role as an educator, degree of agency, and importance as a spiritual guide].
Source: Magistra , 4., 2 (Winter 1998):  Pages 89 - 134.
Year of Publication: 1998.

5. Record Number: 2667
Author(s): McNamer, Sarah.
Title : Dhuoda's "Handbook for William" and the Mother's Manual Tradition
Source: Listening to Their Voices: The Rhetorical Activities of Historical Women.   Edited by Molly Meijer Wertheimer .   University of South Carolina Press, 1997. Magistra , 4., 2 (Winter 1998):  Pages 177 - 198.
Year of Publication: 1997.

6. Record Number: 615
Author(s): Claussen, M. A.
Title : Fathers of Power and Mothers of Authority: Dhuoda and the "Liber manualis" [Dhuoda uses scripture and St. Benedict's rule to teach her son Christian values].
Source: French Historical Studies (Full Text via JSTOR) 19, 3 (Spring 1996): 785-809. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1996.

7. Record Number: 10175
Author(s): Olsen, Glenn W.
Title : One Heart and One Soul ("Acts" 4:32 and 34) in Dhuoda's "Manual" [The author argues that Dhuoda's interpretation of "Acts" for her son is distinctly original. She sees the life of the early apostles as a model for lay spirituality and a means of ending the deadly conflict among Carolingian noble men. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Church History (Full Text via JSTOR) 61, 1 (March 1992): 23-33. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1992.