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1. Record Number: 12752
Author(s): Heslop, T. A.
Title : The Production of De Luxe Manuscripts and the Patronage of King Cnut and Queen Emma [Many lavishly illustrated English Gospel books and devotional manuscripts were produced during the reign of King Cnut and Queen Emma. These luxury items were produced with royal money with the intent that they would be given as presents to powerful individuals in order to help secure allegiance to the crown or they were given (alongside valuable relics or artwork) to institutions like monasteries and churches in order to convey the donors’ piety. Evidence from the handwriting and illumination of Gospel books during the period suggests a large scale production by monastic scribes and artists who worked in close collaboration. Three Appendices. Appendix One lists lavishly illuminated Anglo-Saxon Gospels, 990-1030, with the name of the manuscript, its scribe(s), probable origin, and earliest known medieval ownership. Appendix Two provides excerpts from Latin accounts that give evidence of patronage of art and donation of relics by Cnut and Emma. Appendix Three gives bibliographical information on the Besancon and Copenhagen Gospel books, including information on foliation, ruling, scribes, artists, production sequence, date and origin. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Anglo-Saxon England , 19., ( 1990):  Pages 151 - 195.
Year of Publication: 1990.

2. Record Number: 28928
Title : Aelfgyva and a Cleric
Source: Anglo-Saxon England , 19., ( 1990):
Year of Publication: