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1. Record Number: 7904
Author(s): Amsler, Mark.
Title : Rape and Silence: Ovid's Mythography and Medieval Readers
Source: Representing Rape in Medieval and Early Modern Literature.   Edited by Elizabeth Robertson and Christine M. Rose .   The New Middle Ages Series. Palgrave, 2001.  Pages 61 - 96.
Year of Publication: 2001.

2. Record Number: 4476
Author(s): Wolfthal, Diane.
Title : Douleur sur toutes autres: Revisualizing the Rape Script in the "Epistre Othea" and the "Cité des dames"
Source: Christine de Pizan and the Categories of Difference.   Edited by Marilynn Desmond .   University of Minnesota Press, 1998.  Pages 41 - 70.
Year of Publication: 1998.

3. Record Number: 1204
Author(s): Wisman, Josette A.
Title : Christine de Pizan and Arachne's Metamorphoses
Source: Fifteenth Century Studies , 23., ( 1997):  Pages 138 - 151.
Year of Publication: 1997.

4. Record Number: 1719
Author(s): Parussa, Gabriella.
Title : Arbitraires, systématiques, accidentelles? A propos des variantes entre deux familles de manuscrits de "l'Epistre d'Othea" [argues that the changes between the earliest surviving manuscript (fr.848) and Harley 4431 (copied around 1410-1411) represent revisions by the author, since both manuscripts were prepared under Christine's supervision].
Source: Une femme de Lettres au Moyen Age: Études autour de Christine de Pizan.   Edited by Liliane Dulac and Bernard Ribémont .   Paradigme, 1995. Fifteenth Century Studies , 23., ( 1997):  Pages 431 - 446.
Year of Publication: 1995.

5. Record Number: 4191
Author(s): Wisman, Josette A.
Title : Jacques Legrand, Christine de Pizan, et la Question de la "Nouveleté" [The author cites many instances from "Epistre de la Prison de Vie Humaine" in which Christine copies ideas, phrases, and entire lines from Jacques Legrand's "Lìvre de Bonnes Meurs"].
Source: Medium Aevum , 63., 1 ( 1994):  Pages 75 - 83.
Year of Publication: 1994.