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1. Record Number: 1624
Author(s): Straus, Barrie Ruth.
Title : Freedom Through Renunciation? Women's Voices, Women's Bodies, and the Phallic Order [female literary characters who want to abstain from sex].
Source: Desire and Discipline: Sex and Sexuality in the Premodern West.   Edited by Jacqueline Murray and Konrad Eisenbichler .   University of Toronto Press, 1996.  Pages 245 - 264.
Year of Publication: 1996.

2. Record Number: 517
Author(s): Robertson, Elizabeth.
Title : Medieval Female Subjectivity and the Church: A Modest Proposal for Future Research
Source: Aestel , 3., ( 1995):  Pages 61 - 80.
Year of Publication: 1995.