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1. Record Number: 2424
Author(s): Burger, Glenn.
Title : Erotic Discipline...Or "Tee Hee, I Like My Boys To Be Girls": Inventing With the Body in Chaucer's "Millers Tale"
Source: Becoming Male in the Middle Ages.   Edited by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Bonnie Wheeler .   Garland Publishing, 1997.  Pages 245 - 260.
Year of Publication: 1997.

2. Record Number: 435
Author(s): Lomperis, Linda.
Title : Bodies That Matter in the Court of Late Medieval England and in Chaucer's "Miller's Tale" [Alisoun as a female impersonator and male homoeroticism at the court of Richard II].
Source: Romanic Review , 86., 2 (March 1995):  Pages 243 - 264. Special issue: The Production of Knowledge: Institutionalizing Sex, Gender, and Sexualiity in Medieval Discourse. Ed. by Kathryn Gravdal.
Year of Publication: 1995.

3. Record Number: 1411
Author(s): Koubena, Elizabeth.
Title : The Lover's Cure in Ovid's "Remedia Amoris" and Chaucer's "Miller's Tale" [it requires that the lover experience the foulness of the naked female body].
Source: English Language Notes , 32., 1 (September 1994):  Pages 13 - 18.
Year of Publication: 1994.

4. Record Number: 1407
Author(s): Leicester, H. Marshall, Jr.
Title : Newer Currents in Psychoanalytic Criticism, and the Difference "It" Makes: Gender and Desire in the "Miller's Tale" [psychoanalytic and post-Lacanian feminist gender theory applied to the figure of Alisoun].
Source: ELH: A Journal of English Literary History (Full Text via JSTOR) 61, 3 (Autumn 1994): 473-499. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1994.

5. Record Number: 1409
Author(s): Dane, Joseph A.
Title : The "Syntaxis Recepta" of Chaucer's "Prologue to the Miller's Tale," Lines 3159-61
Source: English Language Notes , 31., 4 (June 1994):  Pages 10 - 19.
Year of Publication: 1994.

6. Record Number: 9488
Author(s): Friedman, John B.
Title : Nicholas's "Angelus ad Virginem" and the mocking of Noah [The author considers the humorous inversion in the “Miller’s Tale” of the Noah and Gabriel Biblical episodes within the context of other, similar kinds of medieval literary and artistic parodies. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Yearbook of English Studies , 22., ( 1992):  Pages 162 - 180.
Year of Publication: 1992.

7. Record Number: 10756
Author(s): Allen, Valerie.
Title : Blaunche on Top and Alisoun on Bottom [The author explores Chaucer's use of "descriptio" to characterize Blaunche and Alisoun. With Blaunche the physical characteristics confirm her virtuous moral qualities, while Alisoun's carnality givers her a certain autonomy. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: A Wyf Ther Was: Essays in Honour of Paule Mertens-Fonck.   Edited by Juliette Dor .   English Department, University of Liège, 1992. Yearbook of English Studies , 22., ( 1992):  Pages 23 - 29.
Year of Publication: 1992.

8. Record Number: 12689
Author(s): Storm, Melvin.
Title : The Miller, the Virgin, and the Wife of Bath [The author argues that Chaucer intended readers to see parallels between Alison in the "Miller's Tale" and the Wife of Bath. Storm further argues that both women are compared unfavorably with the Virgin Mary, and the Wife of Bath in particular is faulted for both physical and spiritual barrenness. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Neophilologus , 75., ( 1991):  Pages 291 - 303.
Year of Publication: 1991.