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1. Record Number: 7173
Author(s): Higgins, Paula.
Title : Parisian Nobles, a Scottish Princess, and the Woman's Voice in Late Medieval Song [The author identifies two different women named Jacqueline de Hacqueville in fifteenth century Paris who may have been the woman referred to in Antoine Busnoy's songs. The author suggests that Jacqueline herself wrote two poems in response to Busnoys and may have actively participated in the musical culture of the court. The author more generally examines late medieval poetry written in a woman's voice and suggests that many anonymous poems may well have been the work of women. The appendices present the text and English translations of the Hacqueville songs, "Ja que lui ne si actende," "A vous sans autre me viens rendre," "Je ne puis vivre ainsi tousiours," and "A que ville est abhominable." Appendix Two lists the family members of Jacques de Hacquville according to a legal document from 1482.].
Source: Early Music History (Full Text via JSTOR) 10 (1991): 145-200. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1991.