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1. Record Number: 5583
Author(s): Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Renate
Title : Saintly Scenarios in Christine de Pizan's "Livre des trois vertus" [The author argues that Christine chose saints (Balthild, Clotilda, Elizabeth of Hungary, and Louis IX) as exemplars who offered more than one possible way of life; the saints also provided guidance on how to meet political obligations while maintaining spiritual and charitable activities].
Source: Mediaeval Studies , 62., ( 2000):  Pages 255 - 292.
Year of Publication: 2000.

2. Record Number: 4618
Author(s): Nelson, Janet L.
Title : Queens as Jezebels: The Careers of Brunhild and Balthild in Merovingian History [The author emphasizes the two queens' successes at wielding power; she is particularly interested in how they used religion and the "power of the holy" to strengthen their power].
Source: Debating the Middle Ages: Issues and Readings.   Edited by Lester K. Little and Barbara H. Rosenwein .   Blackwell Publishers, 1998. Mediaeval Studies , 62., ( 2000):  Pages 219 - 253. Originally published in Medieval Women: Essays Dedicated and Presented to Professor Rosalind M. T. Hill. Studies in Church History, Subsidia, 1. B. Blackwell, 1978. Pages 31-77.
Year of Publication: 1998.

3. Record Number: 39181
Title : Chemise of St Balthild
Source: Mediaeval Studies , 62., ( 2000):
Year of Publication: